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Our Florida made vodka utilizes Appalachian Mountain water & high quality ingredients resulting in a versatile and clean spirit.   Because of this, P1 is your best choice for any vodka based cocktail.  Here are some of our favorite easy to make cocktails below.

P1 Cucumber Lime Claw.JPG

P1 Cucumber Lime Claw


-1oz of P1 Vodka

-1 can of White Claw Lime

-1 Lime



1.  Cut a strip of cucumber and place it in a glass with ice.

2.  Pour vodka and fill white White Claw Lime.

3.  Squeeze in a half of lime.  Garnish with lime wedge.

P1 Watermelon Mojito


-2oz of P1 Vodka

-3oz of watermelon juice

-3/4oz of fresh lime juice

-1/2 of simple syrup

-5 mint leaves

-Club soda


1.  Add mint leaves, simple syrup & lime juice into a tall glass and muddle these 3  ingredients.

2.  Add ice into your glass, pour the P1 Vodka, watermelon juice and then top with club soda.

3.  Stir well and garnish with a mint leaf.


P1 Moscow Mule


-2oz of P1 Vodka

-4oz of Ginger Beer

-1 Tablespoon fresh lime juice



1.  Fill copper mug or favorite cocktail glass with ice

2.  Add P1 vodka and lime juice, then top off with ginger beer

3.  Give the drink a quick stir and garnish with lime wedge

P1 Vodka Sunrise


-1oz P1 vodka

-5 oz orange juice 

-1 ½ oz grenadine



1.  Fill favorite cocktail glass with ice

2.  Pour P1 vodka and orange juice into glass and stir

3.  Pour grenadine syrup

4.  Garnish with orange wedge and cherry


Do you have a tasty P1 cocktail that you'd like to share?  Submit it by clicking the link below for a chance to be featured on our website with your cocktail!

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